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(07122019) Baby Virus will be up for ArtBeat Preview by Wonderland Greg Cook 

(03152019) I am working on a site-specific AR art piece shows the direct viral effect that carbon emissions/consumerism posed on human bodies. 

baby virus-ar1.jpeg
baby virus-ar3.jpeg

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(12142018) My public lighting installation accompanied with robotic drone performances will be on view between Dec 19,2018- Feb 15,2019. The project is created for nightLIGHTS at Union Square commissioned by the City of Somerville (MA).


(10122018) Two of my paintings will be on view at Studio Apartment, Gallery Madison Park, New York.

(08072018) I joined as the principle artist.

(07312018) My O1 visa ( individuals with an extraordinary ability in the arts) was approved! I will be working as an independent artist in the US for the next three years.

(05222018) Excited to have my interview featured in LandEscape Art Review, Spring Issue 2018. pdf

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