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(+/-)  is a  computer-controlled art and engineering project that explores the history/fairytales throughout the world spectrum and investigate topics that triggers thoughts on a pair a two opposing concepts.

The showing video is a pilot study of the whole series. The project’s prototype is a course named Experimental Theater that I’ve developed together with John Galinato, the founder of Build-It-Yourself (an after-school program in Cambridge based on education research conducted at the MIT Media Lab). The course questions the standard concept of good and evil and how people's recognition can be reshaped. I found the point important in terms of the already established moral lessons. Experimental Theater offers a blending experience of writing a computer program based on a storyline, designing a puppet with recycled materials and exercising engineering skill by animating the puppet.


I am fascinated by the infinite possibility of the project in terms of invoking the younger generation’s imagination and emotion. It is an interactive project that I hope to collaborate with kids and adults in finding opposing ideas/forces in life, twisting the fixed thinking path, building the “object” and showcasing the works together.

It is a continuing project that I am going to work during my upcoming residency at RoosterGNN in Madrid, 2019.  

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