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#Share Your Last Minute 

#Share Your Last Minute is a collaborative project with Mo+CA Projects that through documenting the transmigrations of life praxis to investigate social media as a “boat” in the current post-internet society. For example, the original denotation of the word “pond” has shifted into multifaceted meanings, In particular, the notion of “hashtag(#)” is being used not only to identify message of a particular topic in the daily “virtual” life but also to relocate people into different social sub-groups with similar “habitats”( the aesthetic subjectivity). By collecting the hashtagged images, which are based on the given daily topic, from the public in Instagram during ArtWeek Boston 2016, the project is showing the push-and-pull of situating “me” in a “we” world as well as the process of physical-to-virtual migration of our contemporary life.

The project was selected as one of the 14 public art projects in ArtWeek Boston 2016 and sponsored by Jaho Coffee Roasters & Wine Bar (665 Washington Street, Boston) for the onsite event on April 29, 2016. The participants are locally from Boston, nationally from New York and San Francisco and internationally from Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai.

The project starts with launching a hashtag topic #shareyourlastminute on Instagram as pre-event promotion/activity one week before the onsite event date. The #ed pictures are made into several one-page handmade photo books with 6 images on each. The event includes a demonstration of making a one-page artist book; a special talk introducing Takuma Nakahira’s deduction photography and a sharing session to read those one-page handmade photo books.

ArtWeek Boston Event Page

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