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You Must Build A Boat

You Must Build A Boat, the sloganized title is inspired by a video game- the main player-character’s goal is to build a boat large enough to travel around the world. Boat folds with different layers of meanings, it is a container- not only ships consumer goods but also indicates as a cultural vehicle. Moreover, a boat is the emblem of autonomy, which suggests the state of being self-direct and self-aware. 


The project is inspired from my everyday observations while visiting and living in the city of Barcelona. For this particular project, I attempt to juxtapose the ideas of nonviolence protest and the tentative freedom. The concept of boat is ever presented in Spanish history: The Golden Age rises collaterally with the sea voyages beginning in the late 15th century and the Age of Expeditions ushers in a new era and triggers all the following historical and ongoing happenings around the globe. In the context of the current political environment of Catalonia, the Spanish government made a clear statement that any independent region cannot have single currency while UN threatened the area with euro ejection.  As a Chinese, the idea of “one nation” may have been embedded paradoxically. Nonetheless, the deprivation and the oppression of the basic rights of Catalonia should not be the exertion of superpower, which is the universal predicament of our current society.

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