Wen Yu is a multi-media artist from the hometown of the prominent architect I.M.Pei, which is the cultural center of China for more than 2500 years. Wen has developped a keen interest in art and human sciences especially in the field of political philosophy, semiotics, and biology. Graduated from Boston University in 2017 and currently working as the principle artist at Arnox.ai in Boston. She has been creating research-based projects that integrate art, technology, story-telling, and tangible materials. Her inter-disciplinary approach also includes exploring the line between digital and handcraft.

Wen is evolving a methodology that combines art and sociology. She thinks art sociology brings the appearance that not only reflects but also leverages many inexplicable events contributed by various societies.

Wen has exhibited in Boston, San Francisco and Taiwan including de Young Museum, San Francisco; Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, Lens Gallery, Boston; Boston University; MIT.